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EMEA: +44 (0)20 8798 0858

Providing ethical recruitment to the global Technology Sector




Testimonials 1

“My contact at Salisi placed me (as a candidate) with a big player security software firm. He was the most effective and warm headhunter I've ever dealt with and worked extremely hard to make sure that the match was suitable for both parties. His service level and approach are first class.”
Presales Consultant (Germany) –
Security and Compliance Software

Testimonials 4

“My headhunter has proved to be a very effective, proficient and dedicated professional in an industry that needs more like him. Rarely have I had the pleasure to work with someone who understands the subtly and intricacies of the security professional. My headhunter’s skills of identifying the correct person for the correct position are exceptional; I would take
pleasure in recommending his services to anyone.”

Helpdesk Manager – Security Software Vendor

Testimonials 2

“Salisi Human Capital is the most effective, knowledgeable & personable headhunting firm that I've worked with. My headhunter assessed my skill levels with great precision and recommended me for two positions - both of which turned out to be perfect matches. I highly recommend Salisi to anyone looking for a high level position in the technical sector.”
Presales Consultant (EMEA) –
Security Management Software Vendor

Testimonials 5

“Their professionalism and industry expertise as high tech headhunters propelled me into the final interview stage and ultimately led to a very satisfactory offer of employment. As a firm of headhunters, Salisi are in a league of their own and are to be highly recommended.”
Helpdesk Manager – Security Software

Testimonials 3

“Salisi placed me in a technology company in Dec06. They had obviously taken the time to understand the client's requirements, and my skills/expectations in-depth, and hence the role was highly suited to me. They also demonstrated a strongly pro-active approach with both myself and the client throughout the recruitment process.”
International Security Consultant -
Security Software Vendor

Testimonials 6

Salisi were the consummate professionals from our first interactions. They were very easy to work with and were on top of their game throughout. My consultant showed great attention to detail at every stage and left nothing to chance. I would certainly engage them again and am happy to recommend.
EMEA Sales Director - Life Sciences
Software Vendor