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Providing ethical recruitment to the global Technology Sector




Each consultant within Salisi’s business undertakes to uphold the following standards of professional behaviour: 

Quality of Work 

  • We will always seek to deliver the highest quality of work, irrespective of the client or candidate for whom the work will be carried out.
  • We will always strive to deliver the highest standards of information and advice to clients and candidates.
  • We will give honest and impartial appraisals. We seek to be a ‘critical friend’ to clients and candidates.
  • We will always ensure that candidates and clients are fully briefed and have all the relevant information about one another throughout the interview process.


  • We will always engage from a position of trust and honesty, and anticipate that our position will be mirrored by those who choose to engage with us.
  • We will actively avoid participating in any so called "sharp practices" which bring the recruitment industry into disrepute.
  • We will not actively headhunt from an existing client.
  • We will never actively headhunt a candidate from a client into whom we made the introduction.
  • We will never prevent a candidate from applying for a position due to an existing commercial relationship we have with their current employer.


  • We will never disclose any information shared with us by candidate or client to any third party without their consent.

Speed of Turnaround

  • We will endeavour to respond to our clients' and candidates' requirements within three working days, and will aim to provide an update on our activities no later than three days after we have undertaken an assignment. 
  • We will deliver bad news as well as good.
  • We will return calls and emails promptly.


  • We will ensure our Terms & Conditions are clear and concise and the fee structure, rebate period and payment terms are clear and transparent.
  • We will ensure that resumes provide a clear and honest summary of the background, qualifications and experience of the candidates they represent.
  • We will ensure that Job Specifications provide a clear and honest summary of the company, position and candidate requirements of the job opportunity they represent.

Quality vs. quantity 

  • We will always limit our shortlist for a client's vacancy to three qualified candidates, unless otherwise instructed to by the client.
  • We will always limit our shortlist for a candidate's job-search to three qualified opportunties, unless otherwise instructed to by the candidate.


  • We will always treat all clients and candidates with dignity and respect and provide employment opportunities based only on fair and objective business and competency based criteria.
  • We will not act on instructions from clients or candidates which are discriminatory and, where possible, will provide guidance to clients and candidates in relation to good diversity practice.