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Recruiting staff is difficult enough. Retaining them is harder still. The key to keeping staff is keeping them happy. Salisi's portfolio of Human Capital Solutions ensure that your team is motivated, focused and has a winning mentality.
Employee Profiling:
Identifying a skills gap is the easy part. Finding the most suitable internal candidate is far more difficult. Salisi uses sophisticated assessment techniques to recognise skills and aspirations within your existing workforce to identify the individuals most likely to succeed in the vacant position. Our Employee Profiling services can also be utilised to map out an appropriate employee career path for those individuals who have a high value to the business, but have not specified the opportunities that particularly appeal to them.
Career Counselling:
Salisi's expert career counsellors and NLP practitioners work with organisations to ensure that their staff members remain motivated, committed and satisfied with their employment relationship. This takes into account many factors including:
  • An individual's suitability to their position
  • Work/life balance
  • Self and third party perceptions within the business (i.e. how people think others perceive them and how they perceive themselves)
  • Anticipated career opportunities and how they fit with an individual's aspirations
We work on a bespoke project basis, where we specify your requirements, agree KPIs and objectives and a pricing model. This flexible model provides you the security to know the total cost of the project in advance. Unless you believe that we will provide a return on your investment, we will not go ahead and it will not cost you a penny.
Training, Development and Mentoring Solutions:
Developing the best people from within your business can often be a more constructive and cost effective solution to a skills shortage than recruiting externally. Salisi have partnered with a number of specialist training, development and e-learning organisations to provide the most suitable education solutions to the needs of your business. Our portfolio of training solutions includes courses designed for management, IT, technical, sales, telesales, internal recruitment and HR. Contact our consultancy team today to discuss how we could help your organisation could save thousands of pounds in recruitment fees, and boost company morale by developing the skills and career paths of your existing workforce.