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Providing ethical recruitment to the global Technology Sector




Perhaps you want to scope out a market?
Perhaps you want to identify a reseller community?
Perhaps you want to recruit someone from a list of companies, but want to approach them yourself?
Perhaps you want to learn more...?
Our team of researchers specialise in investigating and exploring a diverse spectrum of areas and presenting this knowledge in a concise, understandable and jargon-free report, answering questions such as:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling into this sector?
  • Who are my competitors' resellers in this region?
  • Who are the top salespeople in EMEA for these ten of my competitors?
  • What is the competitive landscape for this product?
  • We recently lost out to our competitor in a large deal with X client. Can you find out who closed the deal for them, because we want him to work for us?
  • Here is a job-specification – can you get me a list of names of people who match the brief for my HR team to headhunt?
  • We want to sell into this new sector. Can you get me a list of contact names of "decision makers" within this specific brief?
Whether you are looking for a one-page summary, a detailed SWOT analysis, or an exhaustive document, we have the expertise, ability and experience to provide accurate research within demanding timescales.
Salisi's research team will take a detailed brief from you and agree in advance a reasonable pricing structure, based on KPIs and the time involved, with the objective to deliver the results you require as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Most of our researchers have worked in very demanding industries and environments as well as the recruitment and HR sector and have a detailed knowledge of the global technology sector.
Regardless of the question, our research team will provide you with the results you require within the prescribed timescales, and against the agreed KPI's. Contact us for a quotation with no obligation.