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Why retain a Headhunter?

Let's assume you want to hire a top-performer. The challenge you will find is that the highest performing people in the industry rarely look for jobs. Studies show that the better an employee performs, the less likely he or she is to actively look for another position. Hence, your ideal employees are rarely "on the books" of traditional recruiters, they don't post their resume on job-boards, they don't read job-postings online and seldom read appointment sections of the press. They won't look for their next job; their next job will have to find them.

A good headhunter will have built up a network of the industry's top performers and cultivated relationships with each of them to know exactly what sort of opportunity will motivate them to leave their present position – where they are perfectly happy – and embrace a new challenge. Top performers who are happy, but will move for the right opportunity, are referred to as 'Passive Candidates'.
These "passive candidates" are the primary targets of Salisi's team of researchers and head-hunters. With many years' experience in their chosen fields, Salisi's researchers stay in constant touch with key individuals in their sector, making sure that the most qualified people are only a referral away. Using the most sophisticated headhunting and networking techniques alongside the more traditional recruitment methodologies, we ensure that the best people in the industry are approached to join your organization.

At Salisi we combine all ethical and acceptable techniques to find candidates who are actively looking for their next move, while ensuring that the best "passive" candidates are also considered and contacted on your behalf. Using this combined approach you can be secure in the knowledge that you are not restricting yourself to the best people from one agency's database, but the best that the entire industry has to offer. With Salisi as your talent scouts, you need never settle for second best.

Salisi's recruitment team are committed to offer you an unparalleled level of service in identifying the best possible people in the industry to join you. Our proven track record, professionalism and the commercial incentives we offer make us your low-risk option. Salisi Human Capital has the right pedigree, track-record, sector knowledge and experience to ensure that you identify and secure the best people in your industry to work for you. We look forward to having the opportunity to demonstrate this to you.